I am loved and so are you.

It’s moments of pure emptiness that I feel his comfort the strongest.

Life is such an unpredictable story. You never know how one chapter is going to end and what is to come next.

There are seasons of pain, seasons of loss and seasons of fruitfulness and blessings. I trust that and live through each season of life holding on to His words. Some of the toughest decisions that I’ve had to take in the past made me realise how unforeseen the outcomes of our decisions and deeds can be. We try thinking through our every actions and decision and keeping ourselves in check, by the set standard we have for ourselves. But, its not enough.

Sure you went through it all and it was difficult but the question is.. is it God at play or is it your own decision that led you to that point of emptiness. But the silver lining to it all is … that every time we feel low, we have His promises to hold on to. We know that, irrespective of what brought on us the hardships and trials; we are conquerors and we don’t have to go through it alone.

I may be sounding too godly but I can’t seem to be more grateful at this point in my life. Although I am probably facing the mountains that seem so tall, I feel more confident than ever. Not because I feel I can climb them but because I feel that He will move those mountains or crush them when it’s time. I’ve relied of my own understanding and guidance of my friends and folks for way too long. I’ve read a hundred books about self improvement and how to take the right decisions but I never felt confident enough. I do now; not because of something I did but because of something I was made realised.

I need not be the most righteous person, I might not have words on certain when I sit and pray to Him. There are days when I can’t seem to fight my anxiety or tears and no matter how many times I concentrate on my breathing I feel choked or breathless. BUT. (Yes, there is a but) even on those days.. or moments of chaos.. when I sit and close my eyes. I feel comforted. I feel loved. I am reminded of the promise that He will not let me go through it alone. He has my name inscribed on the palm of His hands and that ‘me’ comes with all kinds of flaws and shortcoming and that’s okay with Him.

That’s it. You are loved. He loves you. 🙂

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