Say ‘no’ no more.



Hey it’s been a while since I last wrote.. actually it’s been a long time!

Know what got me to my laptop again? A friend of mine who recently said “You know you’ve been saying ‘no’ a lot lately.”

If I am being honest, I know she isn’t wrong. I am glad to have friends who are truthful and honest.

Anyway, that got me thinking about it for quite some time. I wondered what had changed and why. I know a few things have changed. The kind of changes I knew were ineludible and I was resentful for a long time, concerning them. But, is that all?

Ever since I have started following a different way of life and trying to be cautious and balanced.. somewhere down the road I’ve forgotten how to stay connected to myself. It took me a while to process that thought well and work towards practically changing it for the better.

Coming from an Indian family, it’s really not a surprise that my parents are now worried about me getting married and the whole drama that follows their emotional requests. Now, those kind of ‘nos’ are not what I am wanting to question or change. No, I am talking about the instant rejection to a thought or an idea that could be an opportunity for me to grow or just an effort that requires me to step out of my comfort zone.

I am unsure about how many blessings or opportunities I might have disregarded or overlooked because I was too busy focusing on fighting the one issue or change that I was constantly complaining about and avoiding. Maybe the problem was, I was focusing on dealing with the present(which seemed chaotic and confusing) that I forgot to heal myself the easier way, by just being open to things and possibilities. It surely helps.. not having a set of logical and pragmatic rules set for myself which creates confinement and isolation of some sort.

Be susceptible to things you’ve never tried before. Be proactive in stepping out of that comfort zone of yours and soften your heart to realise that there is a miracle coming your way. J

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