Oh ye little faith!

As this year comes to an end there are so many uncertainties along with a lot of closures and testimonies but the human nature is such that we are always worried about ‘what’s next?’
Be it something big or small we are always fearful of the unruly tryst with fate or destiny as one may believe.
There are times when we are so stuck in our own chaos and thoughts that we can’t seem to zone ourselves out of the worries and touch reality even for a bit. When nothing seems to be satisfying enough or assuring enough, I wonder what the ever powerful God must be thinking, looking down at us.


“why do you worry, oh you little faith!”

We may not be able to see God or hear from Him directly but don’t run away from finding answers. Only when you face your fears will you find the answers that God is waiting for you to see.
While I was writing this piece I heard the faint music of the song being sung somewhere close by;

There’s a place where fear has to face the God you know.



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