Dreams are called ‘dreams’ for a reason


179860-Never-Stop-DreamingWhen I was 10, I dreamt of having the best dress in my class. Standing 1st in something and getting a prize in front of my parents.  I was proud of my mother because i saw her give the prize in my own school to my classmates while I was always busy running around and chasing frogs. Yes, you read that right, but chasing frogs never kept me from chasing those dreams either. I never gave up on my dreams and I knew how to get what i wanted. I would pester 17 year olds in my bus and they’d come to my house after-school hours with complains to my mother that i annoy them in the bus or at school. Do you sense any sort of fear or concern in whatever I’ve just told you? I was not bothered. I was fearless. I was annoying, crazy, mad, and weird but I was living my life on my own terms and no one could change that.

When I turned 15 I dreamt of being driven around in a fancy car, of dating the cutest boy in the football team of my school. I got it all. I had my fun. I wasn’t satisfied though. I complained, whined and gave a tough time to my parents for papering me and saying ‘no’ whenever they did. I was lost in my own world. I created a space for myself in my own head which involved no one but me.

When i turned 20 i started believing in happily ever afters. One could hear me preach to the rest, things like, love can save the world and when it’s true love you just know it and so on.. thats annoying to hear i confess but I was on a high pedestal, which was kept over a firm foundation of ‘love’ but soon enough as we all know, it didn’t take even a week (although honestly a lot of ugly-crying at nights and break up songs) for that ‘foundation’ to vanish and *bam* the pedestal collapsed and i fell and suddenly i was a little scared.

Now I am 24 I dream. I stil do but not of fancy cars, a cutie to spend my evenings with or propagate ‘true love’ . i dream of finding the right career and having a comfortable life, maybe a few dogs, fancy wines and a random heart to heart with someone i meet over a coffee. I dream of going on vacations alone and exploring the unseen places, of entering a foreign land and for once not losng myself in it but still feeing at home.

We all have scars, we all get bruised and why shouldn’t we?  Don’t let your life swirl around the bad dreams, think of them just remaining a bad dream and move on. They are called dreams for a reason, right? The good dreams are the ones which needs to be held on to. Collect them in the beautiful jar of memory and catch new ones. But don’t ever stop dreaming.529facce19bdc6ff505f0fb1c3814dfb--quotes-for-hope-pin-up-quotes.jpg


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