Today I am alive.

Life has its own way of surprising you, doesn’t it? Just when you think it’s going great.. Hah! you’d be surprised. It works the other way as well. It’s so important to pay close attention to the little things in life. An incident or a situation could teach you a lot if only you allow yourself to be open to learning. Wisdom is not something you can acquire by reading a book or hearing people preach till you are willing to absorb those teaching or words and implement them in your life.

Words of wisdom are best understood when experienced and the only way to do that is by allowing yourself to learn through experience. We get habituated to certain things in life without realizing the value of it. Only once it’s gone, do we realise what exactly we had. But my point is, nothing in life is permanent. Heck! Even your LIFE isn’t permanent so nothing in it can be permanent either, right? So why not be fully be alive in this moment. I personally hate the feeling of not putting in my 100% into something I know I cherish.

It’s true that we can’t always have the energy to live each moment. Especially for a person in your 20’s you need to work hard but why is it that working hard has become your priority and enjoying life has taken a back seat? Don’t you miss the time when being happy and doing things that made you feel alive was your only agenda. Why is it that now planning a trip for the weekend takes months of clearing up the calendar where as planning a business trip and sealing the deal doesn’t take a day? Why has our priorities altered to this extent? Why is it that we don’t take the risk when it comes to making ourselves happy but we are willing to take the risk in our business to earn a little extra profit?

With age comes responsibilities, maybe not of your family when you are in your twenties but definitely of yourself. You feel responsible for yourself. For most of us this is the time we finally step out of our nests and start being our own person but give yourself a break every now and then. Don’t pressurize yourself; you can’t do it all today. I know you are trying your best and a few years down the line every effort of yours will show results, but today just live in the moment and do something nice for yourself. Pamper yourself and be content with your existence because at this very moment, you are alive.

“Today you are You,
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive
who is more you than You.”

Dr. Seuss

American Author and Cartoonist

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