This feels like the beginning of a new testimony

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote.  

“Be careful what you wish for” Is indeed very true. I had been praying relentlessly for something to change in my life, specifically the place where I lived. I wanted to move out of the house, as freedom seemed pretty luring to me. It is what pulled me out of the nest.

Little did I know about the things that come with freedom; responsibility, ownership and a whole lot of consciousness? Don’t get me wrong, I love the way it’s molding me into this person but at the same time it’s always a little tough to face the harshness of reality, especially when you are unprepared.

“Only once you lose it, do you miss it” that again is something I’ve learnt quite practically. I miss ‘breakfast in bed’ and waking up to my dog snuggling inside the blanket. I now miss having random conversations about the current world events with dad and those never asked for ‘words of wisdom’ from mom. Now my days are more like, waking up to my alarm at 6 in the morning, planning the day ahead of me while I have my black coffee (only because it’s super easy and quick to make) and   getting as many things done in the next 24 hours as I possibly can! Before i know it, the day has ended and I’m so drained that I just want to pass out on my bed.

I know it’s called growing up and one needs to start at some point. It’s not all that bad. I love the fact that I can make my own decisions and I am in control of what I want to deal with and what I don’t. I am thankful that I am no longer forced to be the ‘responsible one’ but this time it’s a choice I make! There are good days and bad but most of all I see God’s constant support and how He has led me every single days in the most loving way. This sure is the beginning of a testimony!

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