Love requires compromise, yes indeed!

Relationships are tough. One needs to be ready to compromise and at the same time put the other person before themselves.

As much as I’ve understood of what relationships really are like, I’ve come to realize that expectation is what kills a relationship. It’s normal to feel disappointed but you know the person who is disappointed isn’t always the victim. Some of you may know what it’s like to feel, just looking at the disappointed look on a person’s face, whom you care about. It’s torturous and harsh! It certainly doesn’t make you feel good about yourself or helps improve your self-esteem. It’s so important to keep in mind the other person’s feeling and compromise, not your happiness for the other person but compromise on those expectations you have of them because you need to realize you both are different. Isn’t your happiness, in some way, connected to your partner’s? So what good is going to come out of giving that up? You need to accept that they will, once in a while, not meet your expectations.


I don’t think it’s right to give up on your dreams to support your partner’s. I don’t call that being selfish I call it keeping your separate identity and being practical. I wasn’t this practical, trust me I was a romantic head who was willing to give up anything for the person I loved (Once upon a time).

So I am sure some of you may not completely agree with me and that’s just fine! Why should the other person give up on their dreams to support yours? If you expect them to do that for you then I am sorry to say but you are being selfish.

Respect and trust are the two things your relationship should be laid on. Trust your partner to make the right decision, don’t impose your views if you think they are wrong, but advice and ultimately respect their decision. I am no relationship-guru but I have seen so many of them give up on their dreams just to be with the other person. Someday or the other it will cross your mind and god forbid if that thought turns into a regret, your relationship wouldn’t be the same again.

So I’ll conclude by saying, do whatever makes you happy but make sure it’s not a permanent decision for temporary happiness and no matter what your decision is, if there is ever a slight doubt about it, take your time and rethink. If its worth the compromise, it wouldn’t feel like one because trust me it’s harrowing to live with the regret.


Okay enough of this!


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