The battling emotions!

There are days when I am super excited and psyched about the numerous blessings I so undeservingly(That’s a word!) enjoy. It feels like nothing can pull me down or separate my oh-so-joyful feeling from my heart. Nothing seems to be a big deal at that moment. No inconvenience or personal issue troubles me as much as it would on a normal day.


Then there are days when I hardly can pull myself together. Something as small as an old picture that I come across at least thrice a day usually, suddenly makes me so emotional on that one day and I can’t stop myself from crying. Now just to point out I am not bipolar. I am just ‘unpredictable’ or as a few pointed it out to me in the past ‘emotionally unstable’. I like to call it ‘pms-ing’ although I wouldn’t otherwise accept it.. EVER!


I am not too sure about what it is that makes me feel so overwhelmed at times and what is it at times that makes me so calm and composed. Ever since my break down last night at something so trivial I have been wondering why is it that we can’t always just be happy and composed? There are a few I know who are always calm and unruffled. I’m the complete opposite of it, if you want to see that, get me started about ‘life’.


So is it that the base emotion of a person is one and the temporary situations muddles with the surface behavior. So basically, behavior and nature of a person can be different at times due to the situations and the surrounding or their environment and by that logic we can’t judge a person by just meeting him a few times or by. A person who can ‘tame his mind’ can surely disagree but in reality how many of us have actually been able to do that? I’ll be lying if I said I have. Even though I don’t know if I want to tame my mind and restrict it from being sensitive to situations. Even now the thoughts battle within themselves in my mind.

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