Too comfortable to be happy?

For how long can you stay in your own comfort zone?

It’s super easy to stay in your comfort zone and blame the world outside for not having enough opportunities to grab. At the same time it’s the hardest thing to do, being depressed in your own comfort zone. I am coming from a place where nothing seemed bright or worth it. Every time I felt like doing something and pushing myself to achieve something I’ve always wanted to try, my mind stopped me and brought me back to the same conclusion “It’s not going to work so why try and push yourself further deep down into the hellhole you’re already in?”


Trust me, there are so many people out there who are on the same boat. I’m not going to be like “stand up and grab each opportunity!”-so on and so forth. I’m just here to tell you that eventually you’ll realize that it’s not going to change unless you make up your mind. You need to push yourself out of the comfort zone that you’re so settled in. Break the habit; try whatever you think is worth trying. Explore your surrounding and find opportunities.

I know how devastating it is for your self esteem to continuously fail at all the new ventures and projects you’re engaging yourself with. But I’m learning that it’s not the failures that matter. Your failures will help you reach your success level some day, believe me. That is what I keep reminding myself I’m going to have a great story to tell you guys! So don’t stop trying. Don’t be comfortable being depressed, it’s tough. Let go of those chains and demons that are holding you back from the happiness that comes your way. Let the depression go. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people.


Last thing: Always remember you’re not alone. There are lots of us who are on the brink of giving up but I think it’s important to lift each other up as much as we can. If opportunities seem to have lost their way towards you, you go and them! Trust me they wouldn’t have gone too far! So for now, lets start with a smile!

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One thought on “Too comfortable to be happy?

  1. Sarah says:

    I think at some point in time, we have all found ourselves settling for comfort over reaching for happiness in so many aspects of their lives. Right from jobs to relationships. We should strive to reach a place where comfort and happiness come together, like in the case of pyjamas haha!

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