It’s all a part of a plan!


I’m seeing so many people struggling in their life lately. Till a few months back even I was one of them. There is a constant battle inside of us that we have to win every single day. Everyday there is a new battle to be won. If today it is about overcoming a fear tomorrow it might be about accepting change. Okay let me get to the point today.


You are an amazing person. The reason you have come this far is because God is at work in you. He isn’t finished with you yet. The very fact that you are still alive and healthy is reason enough for you to realize that you’ve got a lot more to do in life! You aren’t in bed due to some sickness, you don’t have limited time, you don’t have a terminal disease. You’re well and able. That is god’s favour upon you! You’re alive for a reason. My personal reason to be alive is to be happy. When you’re happy you serve the purpose of your existence.

Stop worrying! Life is full of opportunities. Before you look at your present problems look at the heavens! Look at all those promises! The bible says  “do not worry” 365 times all together, that’s for you to reassure yourself that you really don’t have to fear or worry about anything. It even says “cast your burdens unto Jesus, for He cares for you” time and again we’re reminded in the Bible that we are not supposed to do everything by ourselves. If something seems too impossible and too hard or out of your control. That’s when you should leave it to God because where your power ends His miracles begin.


I think we as humans have forgotten how to be Humans. We have forgotten that we don’t have to do everything by ourselves! We have someone who cares so much for us, and he wants to help you! He doesn’t wanna see you fret about your problems. They’re all temporary. King Solomon says “Everything we are taught can be put into a few words: Respect and obey God! This is what life is all about.”


Do things that make you happy that makes you feel content and count your blessings. Be humble and loving. Don’t let temporary things affect your permanent existence. You were created out of love, don’t let this world make you a bitter person. Don’t be scared. When everything seems to be pulling you down, look up to God and He’ll give you the calm assurance you need.

And believe me. Everything will be alright 🙂


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